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For the young inventorsYoung Talents Award of THGA


Following the motto of "Engineering your future" pupils of grades 10 and higher are eligible to receive THGA funding for their projects. Amounts of up to EUR 500 can be used to buy materials to implement their ideas.

if you have an innovative, creative or practical idea you can apply for the chance to win money and an award for you and your school as the best idea will be given the Young Talents Award of THGA.

Apply now – don't be shy!

At the moment we are still reviewing the applications of the last round. We will post information here about the next award application.

Who are the jurors?

Mineral Resource Engineering and Sustainable Resource Management
We deal with sustainability in extracting and processing mineral resources.

Applied Material Sciences
We research the properties of metals and the heart of the matter.

Electrical Engineering
We deal with all technical equipment and machines that run on electrical power.

Business Engineering
We provide the perfect base at the interface of business and technology.

And in 2021, the award goes to...

Here you can see the winners of the 2021 award: Lora Schramm and Sven Dulisch (image 1, left) of Max-Born-Berufskolleg and Tobias Langsch (image 1, right) of Hittorf-Gymnasium, all of Recklinghausen. Together, they submitted the project SMART Hydroponics Tower: the project uses full-range plant LED chips to grow, for example, lettuce heads and other vegetables or herbs in a much more efficient way, in other words: this method needs 20% less space, 100% less pesticides and 95% less water while producing 30% more crops.

What is the timeline?

DateTo Do
17.09.2021End of application
25.10.2021 - 31.01.2022Review
31.01.2022Submitting projects
Spring 2022Award ceremony


Lucine Harutyunyan - B.A.Studienberaterin

+49 (234) 968 3378
G1 R024

Jessica Wixfort - M.A.Studienberaterin

+49 (234) 968 3366
G1 R024